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Michael N. Kozicki, Ph.D., C.Eng. Fellow, National Academy of Inventors. Professor of Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University and Founder of Axon Technologies Corp and Idendrix Inc.

Dr. Kozicki is involved with teaching and research in the field of solid state electronics and nanoionics. He holds over 75 highly-ranked and highly cited US and International patents in solid state technology, has published scientific papers that have been cited over 1000 times, and is a frequent invited speaker at international conferences. He has also developed undergraduate and graduate courses in microelectronics and semiconductor facilities at ASU and has authored books in this area. His research interests include integrated/solid-state nanoionics, low-energy non-volatile memories, interconnect systems, tunable nanomechanical resonators, and microfluidics. Dr. Kozickiís consulting activities have allowed him to serve clients ranging from the U.S. Government to large multinational high-technology corporations. He previously served as Chief Scientist of Adesto Technologies, Interim (and Founding) Director of Entrepreneurial Programs in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Director of the Center for Solid State Electronics Research, Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh, and Adjunct Professor at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in Korea. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Kozicki was Laboratory Manager for the CSSER and a Project Engineer with Hughes (now Raytheon) in the United Kingdom, responsible for CMOS process development. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Edinburgh in his native Scotland and his Ph.D. in semiconductor process science was gained through research at the Edinburgh Microfabrication Facility. Dr. Kozicki is a Chartered Engineer, a Founding Member of the Globalscot Network (appointed by the First Minister of Scotland), a Member of the IEEE, the IoP, and Eta Kappa Nu. He has received a number of awards in recognition of his work, including the School's Teaching Excellence Award, a Golden Key National Honor Society Outstanding Professor Award, the College of Extended Educationís Outstanding Faculty Award, the IEEE Phoenix Sectionís Outstanding Educator Research Award, and several best paper awards at international conferences. Dr. Kozicki is also a Lemelson-MIT Prize nominee and one of his inventions, a wheelchair for controlled environments, was hailed as one of the top products of 1993 by Semiconductor International magazine.

If you think my bio is boring, wait till you see my Curriculum Vitae ....

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Well, so much for the formal introduction. Now for some less structured info....

I was born in the small West Lothian town of Bathgate, halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow (in the heart of "Silicon Glen"). After attending various schools in the area from 1963 to 1976, I went off to the University of Edinburgh to study Electrical Engineering - which surprised no one as this is what I always wanted to do. I had a great time as an undergraduate and spent a great deal of time in many hallowed halls of learning. I graduated in 1980 but stayed on to do a Ph.D. with money to buy motorcycles gladly given by Hughes Microelectronics Limited (a subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft Company) as part of a research sponsorship scheme. I finished all my research work by October of 1983 and went off to work for Hughes, writing up my thesis (albeit very slowly) during evenings and weekends. I defended late in 1984 but missed the deadline for the December graduation by a few days so my official Ph.D. graduation year was 1985.

In 1985, I came to Arizona and the rest, as they say, is history.....


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